Gamer Central's Top 5 Things To Do During Quarantine

Written By Alex Thompson

So as everyone knows by now we're all in quarantine and that gets boring really fast so here is a list of the top 5 things to do while you're in quarantine 

1: Gaming

Gaming is a great way to relieve stress and hang out with your friends and family without leaving the house, some online games I recommend playing are Call Of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, and GTA Online, 

2: Learn Something New

Whether if you're studying for your dream job, or just for fun it's always good to learn something, for example. a new language, you could learn to code, or just practice a skill your already good at.

Watching movies and tv shows are a great way to relax and pass time here is a list of movie trilogies that will last you a long time, all the Marvel cinematic universe movies, the whole entire Star Wars trilogy, and all the Indiana Jones movies. 

5: Make Some Money

even though most jobs are close but it doesn't mean you can't make money you can do stuff like, online surveys, make music and upload it to Spotify, write a Book, or whatever else you can think of to make money.

Thank you for reading this article I hope you all stay safe during this pandemic, try to stay inside as much as you can, have a great day!