This Could Be What the PS5 Looks Like

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 12/29/18 2:15 PM PDT

So We Know When new consoles are Coming Out People Make Tons Of Fake Images But this One Could Be What The PS5 Looks Like 
This Picture Looks Like it Could Be Real the Screen On the Controller is Used For Chat Functionality and it does look really Realistic there is a Bunch Of Articles Saying that this it But I think it is Just a Concept. When the Switch was coming out and Was Called the NX This Picture got Leaked to Look Like what the Switch Was Supposed to Be and it is very similar to the switch
And it Had Controllers you Could Snap it Too and Everyone thought it was real it has the Same Concept and Now everyone thinks this is what the PS5 Will Look Like it Could but it is Most Likely Not. I Hope You Enjoyed This Article