Walmart Starts Its Own Gaming PC Line

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 10/30/18 9:54 AM PDT

So Today I Found Out that Walmart is trying to get into the Gaming Pc Business and I thought when I first heard this is oh they would probably be kinda crappy  but then I checked the specs and they are actually pretty good specs this one  has an I7 8700 an NVIDIA 1080TI and 32Gb Of Ram 2Tb HDD
And 512Gb SSD and they Look Pretty Nice Too here's a picture 
Then the Also Released an Almost Bezel-less Laptop Too and its Specs are nice too it has a 144hz Screen an I7 8700H an NVIDIA GTX 1060 2TB HDD
And 256 GB SSD With 32 Gb of RAM That's Not Bad and with a built-in RGB mechanical keyboard for a Price of 1700$ You Will Get Your Money Worth
It Looks Nice too
Well if you are on the market for a gaming PC and don't want to build one I would recommend this for you 


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