Is the Battlepass worth Buying on Fortnite

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 12/16/18 6:22 PM PDT

So everybody Knows Fortnite the hit battle royale game that everyone is crazy about and everybody wants to have skins but they are also wondering if they should just buy skins or buy the battle pass well I am going to tell you if it is worth it to you or not?. So as you know the battle pass is 9.50$ and you get 8 skins and 1500 Vbucks so if you are skilled enough you will only have to purchase the battle pass once there is 4 seasons a year which means you get 32 skins a year  and 6000 Vbucks a year 2200 Vbucks a year is you use some to buy the battle pass but you also get a lot of fun challenges and an XP Boost So if you like challenges it is also worth it cause you get something  to look forward to every week and ways to train yourself  to get the victory Royale. But if you don't Play that often and just play for fun here and there I would just buy 1 skin or the 5$ skin from the shop but if you want to see if would like the challenges you can try the free pass challenges you get 3 every week but you only get stuff like emotes backpacks and pickaxes and loading screens. I hope this article helps you decide if the battle pass is fit for you or not sorry it's really long I just wanted to be as clear as possible for you guys.


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