My Epic 2019 Gaming Setup Remodel Part 1

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 1/22/19 3:17 PM PDT

So today I decided to remodel my setup and cable manage it and it turned out great! I mounted my power strip using Tac's/Push Pins until the cable management stuff comes in the mail and I cleaned up the cables and moved my Arcade1Up Centipede Cabinet next to my desk, that way I have more space and have easier access to the arcade at the same time.

I also hooked up RGB lights throughout the whole setup. I am in the process of building a PC, I will make a separate article on how to build one I am also going to purchase a second desk to make the setup L-Shaped. I have also purchased a mini fridge, it doesn't have anything stocked yet but it is going to make an awesome add on to the setup. This is going to be a monthly series on my Blog, if you want to hear more about the series and other articles, make sure to Subscribe to get email updates and much more! I also have a Captain America Canvas Painting that I purchased at my local Hobby Lobby, it was 90% off so I got it for $5 which was a great deal! Here is another picture of my setup in the daylight so you can get a better view of everything.

If you have any ideas for my setup please let me know in the comments, I would appreciate it! Remember to Subscribe to this Blog!