Movie! Review! Marvels Iron Man 1

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 3/12/19 12:54 PM PDT

 Hi everybody today I am going to be reviewing the movie iron man. So the movie first starts out with him in a military vehicle and then the car starts getting shot at and all then the scene cuts to 24 hours earlier and he is at an award show for him and it plays a 1-minute clip explaining who he is and what he does and everything makes more sense. Note: I am not going to leave any spoilers on the movie so you guys can enjoy the movie like I did.
and then the rest is mostly just filler scenes and it catches up back to where we were left off I can't really tell you the rest without spoiling the movie so I'm going to get in the part where I review the movie now I just wanted to let you guys know what the movie is like before you start to watch it.

The movie had a little suspense in there but you basically knew who the enemy was before the middle of the movie it wasn't that big of a surprise  

it did have some action in it the majority of the movie was him building his suit. but for some reason, it was really entertaining the whole way through and I can't say anything bad about it I would recommend if you like superhero movies action movies so my final rating for the movie is a 7/10. if you want to own the movie you can get it on eBay in the box for $5 so it would be a good choice for movie night.