How to Make Money Playing Video Games For a Living at Any Age!

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 4/13/19 11:59 AM PDT

How to make Money Gaming At Any Age! 

If you have been on the internet for a while you probably heard of people making a lot of money gaming like the Twitch streamer Ninja
Who makes more than $500,000 a month streaming on Twitch that's just one of the ways you can make money gaming lets get on to the List

1 YouTube 
YouTube Creators like Jacksepticeye and Dantdm make Thousands a day playing video games on YouTube that is one of the ways to make money playing games

2 Twitch
As I mentioned earlier creators like ninja stream games on twitch and make Thousands a month streaming on Twitch. They get funded by their viewers who can donate any amount they want to Creators like Mrbeast make videos donating to Twitch streamers and a lot of other people have done the same thing its kind of like a trend now.

3 Esports
People make a fortune playing video games in tournaments first you have to be very good cause you only make money if you win so this is if your very serious about gaming if not I would try out the other 2 options.

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