Bigscreen VR Is The Future Of Cinema

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 5/21/19  4:45 PM PDT

Have you ever been to the movie theater and you get their kind of late but there are not many people there so you get the perfect set right in the middle of the middle row and there are 4 spaces between you on each side but someone decides to sit right next to you, well soon you won't have to worry about that anymore with big screen VR you can sit either by yourself with an Imax quality theater screen all for you or you can join a public theater if you want the same experience and you can also invite your friends and family from all over the world and you can watch movies play video games together all in a virtual world and with the oculus quest you can play with your friends wherever you want its insane, we're really getting into the future of VR and it just keeps getting better paramount hosted Top Gun in the public theater of Bigscreen and over 10000 people joined to watch it so grab your epopcorn and your esoda and get ready to watch the future with Bigscreen.

I hope you enjoyed this article if you have a VR I would definitely check out Bigscreen