New! Oculus Quest The Future Of Virtual Reality

Written By Alex Thompson Published on 5/20/19 11: 30 AM PDT

So there is this new VR headset coming from Oculus and it is fully wireless no sensors no wires no computer needed! isn't that insane and then your probably thinking oh it can't play good games through and your wrong it can play games like Beat Saber Vrchat and much more completely portable and wireless I also like the way the controllers are designed they are very cool so now lets get into the specs and what comes in the box.
1: What Comes in the box
When you receive the package you will get the headset 2 touch controllers 1 15w power adapter 2 AA batteries for the touch controllers and a frame friendly spacer for your eyewear and that's what comes in the bow lets move on to games
2: Games
 Here is a list of all the games that are coming to the quest we know so far
1: Beat Saber
2: VR chat
3: Vader Immortal
4: Creed Rise To Glory
5: Superhot VR
6: Robo Recall
7: Journey Of The Gods
8: Dance Central
9: Moss
10: Sports Scramble 
11: The Climb
12: Fruit Ninja VR
13: The Exorcist VR
14: Job Simulator 
15: Apex Construct
There are more games than that I just listed a few of the main games that you may have heard of.
3: Features
The Oculus Quest has a bunch of features that even the VR's we have now don't even have like built-in sensors positional audio and it also has a new guardian system that way you don't accidentally punch your TV or monitor there are a lot more features I just listed a few if you want to see more check them at

That was my article about the Oculus Quest I hope you liked it remember to check it out if you want to see more about it.