Top 5 Best Gaming Themed 3D Prints That Can Help Gamer's

Written by Alex Thompson Published on 5/17/19 11:17 AM PDT

Hi guy's today I am going to be doing a different type of article then my usual articles and that's cause I wanted to show you about 3D printing you probably heard of it before and your thinking oh those thinks cost like a $1000 well there actually quite affordable even cheaper then a PS4 you can get some really nice ones under $300 and that's why I decided to make an article about all the cool things they can do enjoy!. 

1: Controller Grips 
If you own a Nintendo switch you're probably going to have a lot of fun with this there are so many designs you can choose from on Thingiverse a site where designers can upload there designs for people to print for free! it's pretty cool you should check it out

2: Controller Stands
On Amazon controller stands typically cost around $10 but you can print your own custom controller stands like this one for less than $3 its amazing what 3D printers can do

3: Custom Desk Risers
you can print custom desk risers like these Wolverine ones for your desk setup 

4: Cell Phone Stands
for under $2 you could print a cell phone stand like this really cool Pikachu one its really neat
5: Headphone Stands
we've reached the end of the list hopefully you guys learned something today and might  be considering buying a 3d printer now I am going to purchase a 3D printer soon and I will do a review on it so subscribe to the blog if you want to see that