Liquid Luck Energy Review! Gamer Central

Written By Alex Thompson Published on 6/4/19 8:37 AM PDT

First off I want to thank liquid luck for sending me some of their awesome drinks to review for an article I will write about my experience with liquid luck so let's get started
When I was reading about liquid luck I was reading their list of ingredients and saw it was made out of 40+ natural ingredients and only was 15 calories a drink I thought it was going to taste like those bad drops at the store but when I received them they were soo good it is very easy to make all you have to do is either put a scoop in from your container and shake the cup with water in it or open your packet and put it in and shake it, The taste to me is 9/10 I like the flavor but I can't wait to see what other flavors will come soon I thought of one they should make called Gamer Berry it could be strawberry or lemon flavor or both? I made a poorly photoshopped image of it
Gaming: 10/10
I played games like PUBG and GTA V while drinking liquid luck and I can focus a lot better than normal and I can play a lot better and remember things more than I could  with normal energy drinks and its a lot healthier for you as well so that's a bonus I got top 3 on a game of PUBG usually I only get to top 17 I had 7 kills as well and there is really no statistics for GTA V cause I just like to fool around in director mode but that's about it for the gaming part of the article

  This is just going to be a quick segment but I used only liquid luck while running for a mile and I could maintain my speed the whole time without stopping the only thing I have a problem with is I wish there was like a 32 oz or 48oz bottle and you could just put 2 scoops instead of one its not really a big problem though cause if you wanted to be serious they sell a 48oz bottle at Walmart for 88 cents so its not a huge problem

The Verdict:10/10
I would definitely recommend this to anyone the taste is good it's healthy and just overall awesome, in general, the cups are really neat the liquid luck team is really nice if I were you I would definitely get some if you're curious you should get a starter pack cause it comes with a really neat bottle and packets. Check them out at it's worth it