Call Of Duty World League 2019 Miami Recap!

Written By Alex Thompson On 8/18/19 10:06 AM PDT

Call Of Duty World League Miami Recap!

Thank you to Call Of Duty World League for giving me a press pass for the finals in Miami, unfortunately, I couldn't attend, so I decided to write an article about the event in Miami, There is a lot of teams that played so I can't document them all but I am going to write about all the cool stuff that happened in the events!, It is kind of hard to find all the information about the events but I am going to try to provide the most accurate info I can, the top 3 teams are FaZe Clan at 3rd place, Gen.G Esports at 2nd place, and eUnited at 1st place winning $544,375, one of the coolest play's was this 2v1 at the end of this video , also there was an amateur tournament By MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® With a $150,000 prize pool, The Bhoys Had an epic win, here is some pictures at the event,

Mountain Dew Amp GameFuel Tournament

MLG Merch Store at CWL Miami

The stage at CWL Miami
I hope you enjoyed this article and again I just want to thank CWL for allowing me to go to CWL go check out  CWL and watch the tournaments, Have a great day!.