Spiderman Is Back In The MCU And Fans Are Happy

 Written By Alex Thompson Published On 9/29/19 11:55 AM PDT

After a Variety article came out saying that Sony and Disney struck up a deal to bring Spiderman back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fans became so happy that everyone's favorite neighborhood Spiderman is back with the MCU, and a 3rd movie was confirmed to come out, fans on Reddit and Instagram have posted a bunch of memes and stuff about how happy they are that Spiderman is back in the MCU, here is a bunch of memes that people posted,
I think the main reason for Spiderman coming back is because of the huge amount of fans that wanted him back and were so sad to see him go but now everything has been brought back to normal it was a rough couple of weeks but were happy to see him back,
This article is a little short but I just wanted to let all the readers at Gamer Central know that Spiderman is safe at home, Have a great day!