Call Of Duty Mobile Review Gamer Central

Written By Alex Thompson On 10/2/19 4:26 PM PDT

I downloaded the new Call Of Duty Mobile game I was expecting a basic mobile game style but I was blown away on how awesome the game is I don't think there is another game like it.

Gameplay: 9/10
After I downloaded the game It immediately sent me to the tutorial which is a good feature if you are new to the game and I went into a game with 6 players on each team and first team to get 20 kills wins I got 11 out of 20 kills needed so I guess I picked it up pretty fast and now I get about 37 kills out of 50 kills needed so I am really good at it lol, this game is awesome and can have you entertained for months,

Graphics: 8/10
I was blown away on how awesome the graphics were it feels comparable to a game you would play on a PS4 and Xbox and I was thinking this is going to heat my phone up and affect the phone battery I had my phone plugged in when I was playing it and the phone still charged and didn't lose any percentage while it was charging, I was also very amazed on how my phone stayed cool after playing it for about an hour and a half straight,

Battle Royale: 4/10
 The one thing I wasn't happy about was the battle royale it didn't really have a unique feel to it like normal battle royale games it was definitely playable but I prefer the 6v6 multiplayer better it feels like there was more time spent making that and it's what call of duty is known for, 

Overall: 8/10
This game is one of my new favorite games I am definitely going to keep this on my phone it is right now my daily driver when it comes to mobile games I would definitely recommend downloading this game.

Thank you for reading this article I hope you enjoyed it have a great day.