Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Review! Gamer Central

Written By Alex Thompson Published On 10/31/19 11:46 AM PDT

Big thanks to Call Of Duty For sending me  Modern Warfare to review for an article, I got the game on the release date and I have not stopped playing since, here are my thoughts on it.

Graphics 10/10

The Graphics are a huge upgrade from the last game, the original game was at 600p 60fps, The Remake you can get 2160p 60fps on Xbox, but if you have a powerful PC you could get 120+ FPS but 4k 60fps is really rare for a console gaming, the game also supports NVIDIA ray tracing technology, and RTX technology as well, there is also a new realism mode that completely removes the HUD to make your experience authentic, just because how much time and effort was put into the graphics I rate it 10/10      

Gameplay 8/10

The Games Campaign Mode "takes place in a realistic and modern setting. The campaign follows American CIA officers and British SAS forces as they team up with rebels from the fictional country of Urzikstan, combating together against Russian forces who have invaded the country" via Wikipedia, the game also has cross-platform multiplayer which is a first in the whole entire Call Of Duty Franchise, it also has a new Ground War Mode That Supports 64 players as they fight in teams of 2, you can also drive vehicles such as Tanks Helicopters and more!, it also has 28 different weapons and 16 different tactical equipment to choose from, it also has a special ops mode instead of zombies mode, special ops mode is basically a campaign mode that you can play with friends it does connect to the campaign mode after you complete it, you can also play special ops mode by yourself as well, I rate the gameplay an 8/10

Overall 9/10

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is the number 1 selling call of duty game to date it has made $600 million in 3 days, it also has an amazing storyline and multiplayer mode,  you can tell they really care about the game and the people who play it, that is why I rate it a 9/10