Sony Show Off The PS5 Logo at CES 2020 And Fans Were Not Happy

Written By Alex Thompson

Recently Sony Went To CES 2020, To Talk About the PS5, But Fans Weren't that happy cause they didn't know the reason for them going there the only thing they showed was the PS5 logo which is obvious, and they talked about the specs a little bit including, Ray Tracing Technology, 4K Blu-Ray, 3D Audio, Ultra High-Speed SSD, and Haptic/Advanced Triggers,
That does sound great but fans really want to see an actual image of what the console looks like, Xbox already released a product image and trailer, for their series x, 
I can see where they are coming from Sony probably wants to wait until E3 2020 to show off their console, also sony has trademarked, PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, And PS10, which will get us at 2050, if they release one every 6 years, We Will see more from what Sony has to offer at E3 2020