Fortnite Tricked Everybody, and Announced Chapter 2

Written By Alex Thompson on 10/16/19 9:37 PDT

For about 2 days Fortnite was shut down and we were staring at this black hole.
 at random times numbers would appear up 11, 146, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, 2 and 150.
a there is a theory that they are connected to the visitor's messages the whole message decrypts to 

"I was not alone, Others we're outside the loop, This was not calculated, The nothing is now inevitable"    

the message is still kind of weird but it kind of makes sense now that it is an entirely new map they probably made a new map because they ran out of space on their first map it would also be kind of pushing it making an 11th season that way there are 10 seasons a chapter, like I said before the first map got overcrowded
As you can see they ran out of room one the last map, But now they have boats! here is a picture of the new map that just got released 
They kept some of the original locations like Retail Row and Salty Springs and Pleasent Park, I kind of like the theme where its multiple islands on the water so you have to take boats to get place to place, There was a rumor going around that they shut down forever I think it was just a publicity stunt so they would remain on top again, that is mostly it for the article so far I will update it if anything comes up


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