LG Smart TV Review Gamer Central "24LH4830"

Written By Alex Thompson On 10/4/19 10:10 AM PDT

I was thinking about what should I write for an article today and then I was looking at the LG TV I have on my desk and I thought why not write an article about it, I've had the TV for about a year now, so I can write a pretty accurate review on it,

Quality: 7/10
The resolution on the tv is kind of weird it is 768p but it actually looks really nice when you play games on it like GTA V the refresh rate is 60hz so pretty much the standard but now I've been seeing TV's at 120hz and that would be amazing, The sound quality on the tv is really good the tv is a little bit thicker than most tv's but it makes up for it in power, the tv boots up really fast which is good for a smart TV, one thing I kind of want on a tv this small is a headphone jack or at least a Bluetooth headphones option would be nice I mostly just use Netflix on my PS4 if I want to use headphones to watch a movie so its not much of a big deal for me, 

Software: 6/10
The software is pretty easy to use just the basic LG smart tv software there are not many settings options but it is fine for a TV this small, it has the LG content store so you can get your basic things like YouTube Netflix Amazon I think there are even some games on there, the software is pretty basic but thats a good thing most of the time.

Hardware: 8/10
As I mentioned before the Tv didn't have a headphone jack but you can use other devices if you want to use headphones, The tv has 2 HDMI ports so that is pretty good for a TV that small, it also has an ethernet cable so that is cool if you want it to be wired to your internet, it also has component and AV ports again that is good for a TV this small also I've seen this question on amazon it does have a Coaxial Cable for hookup to Cable it also has a USB port if you want to display photos to it,

Overall: 7/10
The tv is pretty good I would recommend it if you are looking for a Tv this small  I use it every day, I have mine hooked up to a 360 mount that hooks up to a desk or table I think it would be neat to hook it up to a nightstand next to your be and you could watch movies and then move it back to the wall when you want to go to bed, the tv is $150 and you can buy it on Amazon right here


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