Gamer Central's Memes Of The Month Baby Yoda Edition

 Written By Alex Thompson

There is one thing that almost everyone loves to look at and laugh but the media never writes about, And that is Memes, So I decided to launch a new series on Gamer Central called Memes of the week, Today we're going to be covering the Baby Yoda Meme also know as the Child on the Disney+ Series The Mandalorian, So many people loved Baby Yoda that they started making memes of it, we're going to be looking at the most popular Baby Yoda Memes today. 

Baby Yoda Standing Meme

The first popular Baby Yoda Meme was the standing meme, first originated in Episode 2 of The Mandalorian, Many People Loved that Meme and Recognize it as their favorite Baby Yoda Meme.

Baby Yoda Reaching Meme

The Baby Yoda Reaching Meme first Originated from Episode 3 of the Mandalorian, it was used for many formats such as, "Me Reaching For The Last Chip In The Pringles Container" Every week for a whole month there would be a brand new form of Baby Yoda Memes, the next one is the most used Baby Yoda Meme.

Baby Yoda Sipping Meme

This is the most used Baby Yoda Meme so far, and it's loved by all, Some of you may now know this but Baby Yoda is a Puppet that reportedly cost $5 Million to make, but it sure made its money back, Recently Star Wars Has Been Heavily Marketed in the Meme Community from Baby Yoda To the Lego Star Wars Profile Picture Trend, 11 months before a New Lego Star Wars Game Comes Out, its probably just a coincidence, That is all we know about the Baby Yoda Meme so far, we hope you enjoyed this article.